Expert Testimony

By | May 22, 2017

If you are involved in a case where there is something related to banking or finance that is being discussed, then you may need an expert witness about this topic. For instance, there are tons of criminal and civil cases where some finance and/or banking terminology may be a part of the case from the prosecution and/or the defense. And in these instances, both parties will be looking to hire their own expert witnesses so they can portray a set of events that suits the outcome they are trying to achieve. And this is where you will need help.

If you are looking to get expert witness testimony that is reliable and high quality, then you will want to have a conversation with Michael F. Richards. He has already provided these types of services to many trials in the past, which means he has a very good reputation in the legal system. When you are having such a name on your expert witness list, it is going to give credence to the judge and the other side that you mean business. They will know that whatever this man says on the stand, he is telling the truth. And this adds huge creditability to the case.

He has only been doing this for a few years, but he has already racked up an impressive 92 cases where he has given expert testimony. And that number is only going to increase over the coming weeks and months. So, if you want to have a conversation with him about providing expert testimony that could benefit your client, we suggest that you contact him over the phone or via email. Explain the case, let him know why you need his services, and then you can have a deeper conversation about the questions you may ask him on the stand.